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New Year. New Website


NFTGA is celebrating our 26th year with a new logo and a new website.

The National Federation of Tourist Guide Associations USA, NFTGA-USA, was founded in 1998.  The purpose of the National Federation of Tourist Guide Associations-USA (NFTGA-USA) is to represent, promote and protect the common interests of tourist guide associations in the United States of America.  In the absence of a regular newsletter, we hope this Blog will provide an opportunity to share information and news about our association and its members.

While 26 years is an achievement, we have a number of member associations that pre-date the founding of NFTGA-USA. 


30 years – Rocky Mountain Guides Association (RMGA)

40 years – San Francisco Tour Guide Guild (SFTGG)

And one of our oldest members, Guides Association of New York City (GANYC) celebrates 50 years this year.  GANYC will be holding events throughout 2024 to celebrate but the main event will be a gala anniversary party on March 1st.

Follow this space for information on these and other events from our member associations.

Travel Industry 2023

US Travel Association reported:  travel in the US has returned to 2019 levels.  Domestic travel was the first segment to recover and continues to be the steady force propelling the industry.  Travel supported close to 15 million workers. Directly employed 8 million. Still had nearly 2 million job openings in early 2023. Created nearly one quarter of all jobs.  1 in 10 US jobs depends on the Tourism Industry.

US Tour Operators Association reported:

94% of members reported growth in the number of passengers in 2023. 73% of them reported passenger numbers grew 10% or higher.

86% of their members are “Highly Confident” that bookings will increase in 2024.

92% anticipate sales growth in 2024 with 2/3’s of them (63%) forecasting Optimistic to Significant growth of 7-10% and higher.

90% anticipate passenger growth in 2024. 2/3’s of them (63%) forecasting Optimistic to Significant growth of 7-10% and higher.

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