San Antonio 2022 - The 10th NFTGA-USA Conference

NFTGA-USA Conference 2022
San Antonio, TX
January 26-28, 2022


NFTGA-USA Conference 2022

San Antonio, TX ~ January 26-28, 2022
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Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty
Photo: Ben Shafer, Photographer

NFTGA was formed in 1998 to represent, promote and protect the common interests of tourist guide associations in the United States of America. The organization is comprised of 21 member associations from different geographic areas around the United States, and has ties to associations throughout the world though our membership in the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA). Collectively, we represent thousands of tour guides, managers and planners throughout the US. You can see the listing of member associations here.

The on-going focus and commitment of the NFTGA-USA is to promote effective training and continuing education, while upholding a strict code of ethics and demonstrating the highest degree of professionalism. It is essential that guides welcome visitors and act in such a way as to bring credit to the U.S. and their local area while promoting their country, region and city as desirable tourist destinations.

Tourist guides are the frontline tourism professionals, who act as good-will ambassadors to throngs of domestic and international visitors who visit our cities and our nation. Formation of the NFTGA-USA was just the first step towards the promotion of the visibility and importance of using professional, trained guides.

Tourism Industry Partners and Affiliate Members

International Association of Tour Managers - American Region International Tour Management Institute Trip School

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