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About Us

Our Leadership Team

Keri Belisle
Keri Belisle
Carol Yannarella
Carol Yannarella
Jim Carr
Director at Large
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About the NFTGA

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the National Federation of Tourist Guide Associations-USA (NFTGA-USA) is to represent, promote and protect the common interests of tourist guide associations in the United States of America by:

  • Providing a national forum to promote the highest degree of professionalism for tourist guides
  • Establishing contacts among associations to share information and reinforce professional ties
  • Raising private, public and governmental awareness, locally and nationally, of the tourist guides’ role
  • Maintaining membership in related national tourism industry associations

To fulfill our goals, we:

  • Share information of leading guiding practices among our associations
  • Attend and present at national and international tourism industry conferences and to both learn and communicate tourism information and to advocate for issues impacting the guiding profession
  • Keep abreast of federal and state actions impacting the tourism and share and educate our association members and the public
  • Conduct biennial conferences to educate and inform association members
  • Attend biennial WFTGA conferences to learn international trends and concerns and advocate and educate for US tourism
  • Advocate to a code of ethics, see below

Ethics & Standards

  1. A professional tourist guide provides a skilled, knowledgeable presentation; informs, interprets and highlights the surroundings; maintains objectivity and enthusiasm in a courteous and polite manner.
  2. A professional tourist guide ensures that all information presented is factual, and makes a clear distinction between what is true and what are stories, legends and opinions.
  3. A professional tourist guide keeps current on changes throughout the area s/he works, including but not limited to seasonal events, new exhibits, traffic laws and facilities, and follows the rules and regulations at all sites where tours will be conducted.
  4. A professional tourist guide is prepared for each tour when the itinerary is furnished in advance; reports on time and is responsible for facilitating the smooth, safe, efficient and timely movement of the tour.
  5. A professional tourist guide is sensitive to the interests and values of the tour group and does not share personal views on controversial subjects such as religion, politics or lifestyles.
  6. A professional tourist guide knows and follows the policies of the contracting company and does not solicit a job from that company’s client without the consent of the company; maintains loyalty to the company and protects the confidentiality of proprietary information. Also, a professional guide strives to establish a friendly and helpful rapport with the client, and uses discretion in the conduct of the personal business while on tour.
  7. A professional tourist guide dresses appropriately for the type of tour being conducted.
  8. A professional tourist guide extends professional respect and a spirit of cooperation to fellow guides, and strives to establish a good working relationship with all service providers on the tour route.
  9. A professional tourist guide accepts each tour as a serious commitment and cancels only when absolutely necessary, providing as much advance notice as possible.
  10. A professional tourist guide declines any illegal requests.
  11. A professional tourist guide does not practice discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.