Our Member Associations

To be a full voting member of the NFTGA-USA, you must be an association of tourist guides. Each member association has a lengthy official name, so most use an acronym.

The names of the current NFTGA-USA member associations, their acronyms and provided contact information can be found below. For your convenience, the associations have been listed alphabetically.

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Please note: If the member association itself does not have a telephone number or e-mail address specifically for its organization, the name and contact information for the president or another officer of that organization has been provided.

The guide associations in the U.S. were founded independently in diverse metropolitan geographic areas. The first to be established was the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides (of Gettysburg) in 1916. The next organization founded was the Guides Association of New York City in 1974. Many others got their start in the 1980's and 1990's, although a few were just formed in the past few years.

The number of members in each association, the types of membership, annual dues fees, and the organizational structure vary quite a bit from member association to member association. The smallest organization has only about a dozen members and the largest counts nearly 500 members in diverse member categories.

Click on any member association logo to visit their website (if available).


Austin Tour Guide Association (ATGA)
Austin, TX
Billy Brookshire, President
E-mail: bbrookshire@austin.rr.com
Phone: (512) 565-9690

Greater Boston Tour Guide Association (GBTGA)
Boston, MA
Mersine Florio, Representative
E-mail: mersineflorio@gmail.com

Daniel Weiner, Presidental Designee
E-mail: Galacruises@aol.com
Phone: (508) 596-1414

Branson Professional Tour Guides Association (BPTGA)
Branson, MO
Barbara Larsen, President
E-mail: barb_larsen@rocketmail.com
Phone: (712) 210-2124

Charleston Tour Association (CTA)
Charleston, SC
Charleston law requires all guides to be licensed
Lee Ann Bain, President
E-mail: leeann@bainassociates.net
Phone: (843) 822-5248

Chicago Tour-Guide Professionals Association (CTPA)
Chicago, IL
Wayne Galasek (CTG), President
E-mail: wgalasek@aol.com
Phone: (708) 289-1273

Dallas/Fort Worth Area Tour Guides Association (DFWATGA)
Dallas & Fort Worth, TX
Linda Perdue, President
E-mail: lindaperdue@verizon.net
Phone: (214) 553-5340

Rocky Mountain Guides Association (RMGA)
Denver, CO
Mike Pearl, President
E-mail: mike.pearl.rmga@gmail.com
Phone: (303) 868-0023

Professional Tour Guides Association of Florida (PTGAF)
Kevin Doran, President
E-mail: kevin@privatetoursmiami.com
Phone: (305) 342-7609

Professional Tour Guide Association of Houston (PTGAH)
Houston, TX
Ronn Canon, President
E-mail: President@PTGAH.com
President: (281) 497-3417

Las Vegas Tourist Guides Guild (LVTGG)
Las Vegas, NV
Babs Daitch, President
E-Mail: thanksbabs@gmail.com
Phone: (702) 370-6961

Tour Guides Association of Greater New Orleans, Inc (TGAGNOI)
New Orleans, LA
New Orleans law requires all guides to be licensed
Barbara Robichaux, President
E-mail: barbararobichaux@gmail.com
Phone: (504) 450-4609

Guides Association of New York City (GANYC)
New York, NY
New York City law requires all guides to be licensed
Michael Dillinger, President
E-mail: president@ganyc.org
Phone: (917) 400-5576

Association of Philadelphia Tourguides (APT)
Philadelphia, PA
Edward A Mauger, President
E-mail: philaonfoot@gmail.com
Phone: (609) 760-6373

Professional Tour Guide Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (PTGASTL)
St. Louis, MO
Joe Vogl, President
E-mail: info@ptgastl.org

Professional Tour Guides Association of San Antonio (PTGASA)
San Antonio, TX
Steve Wood, President
E-mail: president@sanantoniotourguide.org
Phone: (210) 823-2200

San Diego Professional Tour Guide Association (SDPTGA)
San Diego, CA
Corky Lang, President
E-mail: president@sdtourguides.com
Phone: (619) 800-8708

San Francisco Tour Guide Guild (SFTGG)
San Francisco, CA
Leonard Holmes, President
E-mail: board@sftgg.org
Phone: (925) 788-8562

Utah Tour Guide Association (UTGA)
Salt Lake City, UT
Lisa Vande Veegaete, President
E-mail: lisa.vandeveegaete@yahoo.com
Phone: (801) 518-7673

The Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington, DC (The Guild)
Washington, DC
Jackie Frend, President
E-mail: jackiefrend@gmail.com
Phone: (703) 966-7717


International Association of Tour Managers - The Americas (IATM)
New York, NY
Carole Anne Seidelman, Chairman
E-mail: carolean05@yahoo.fr

International Tour Management Institute (ITMI)
San Francisco, CA
Joan Keddell, Exec Vice President
E-mail: Travel@itmisf.com